For greener, safer and smarter fleets.

FleetMind is field-proven to reduce waste collection costs, increase customer density, improve service performance, enhance fleet safety and augment revenues.

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Smart Truck Technologies

FleetMind provides the waste industry’s top-ranked onboard fleet management “Smart Truck” systems to improve fleet safety, sustainability, efficiencies, maintenance and customer service.

  • Enhanced Efficiencies
  • Improved Fuel Consumption Management
  • Optimized Safety
  • Enhanced Customer Service
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Some of our award-winning products include:

Some of our Corporate and Municipal waste management customers include

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“With FleetMind, we can close the gap between our vehicles and our office operations. We are more communicative, responsive, transparent and informed. This makes us safer, greener and more productive.”
Keith Walker, Kimble Recycling & Disposal

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