FleetMind provides key capabilities to make it easier for fleet managers to implement and monitor fleet safety initiatives.

Fleet safety is about reducing risk and reinforcing safe driving behaviour. With the potential threat of fatalities and injuries, and the related costs of accidents – safety initiatives have become a critical concern for any fleet manager or transportation company. FleetMind’s fleet management solution provides managers with real-time visibility into driver activity and behaviour. All departments have access to centralized fleet safety data for a completely transparent representation of your fleet’s safety performance.


FleetMind’s FleetMap provides a real-time map view of individual vehicles’ positions relative to towns, cities, highways and streets. Managers can:

  • Track drivers with precise geo-coding (GPS) of all data and events
  • Determine how vehicles are being handled
  • Determine which drivers generated alarms and the location of these
  • Monitor driver speed versus speed limits
  • Plot locations of any alarm occurrences
  • Fleet Reports & Alarms

Fleet Reports lets fleet managers evaluate overall fleet and driver activity by collecting actionable information.

  • Route progress and status in real-time
  • Detailed reports on each vehicle’s exact daily route
  • Detailed event records for accidents
  • Key Performance Metrics (KPM) monitoring with automated supervisory alarms for any deviations
  • Pre-formatted reports or automatic and customized fleet reports for driver activity, performance and scoring
  • Mapping of overall driving patterns with real-time management alerts

The FleetMind accident management solution lets drivers record detailed information with the simple press of a button that captures essential data about any driving incidents. Vehicle Reports allow fleet managers to monitor vehicle usage as follows:

  • Accident
  • Accident graph
  • Alarm
  • Cruise control monitoring
  • Vehicle usage graph


  • Real-time visibility into driver behavior
  • Centralized fleet safety data
  • Monitor driver speeds
  • Detailed event records
  • Ability to set alarm criteria
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