FleetMind’s FleetMap creates a map view of your vehicles’ history of reported positions relative to towns, cities, highways, and streets. You can choose from multiple layers and detail levels, to plot the truck’s position according to reported events. Using FleetMap, you can reconstruct routes, verify deviations or unscheduled side trips, and view alarm criteria — with all information presented on a “pushpin” map. Real-time positioning presents a map view of your vehicles’ current positions, letting you know who is closest to a new pickup assignment, who can take the work a driver cannot complete and the real-time location of a driver to in relation to the customer.


FleetMap significantly increases the level of information granularity and capabilities for detailed route and activity monitoring to:

  • Track route information both on a map and in text format to monitor truck progress.
  • View multiple items of information on the map simultaneously for multiple routes. This information includes the current vehicle location, alarm locations, vehicle activities, and the breadcrumb trail.
  • Get real-time positioning to know which driver is closest to a new pickup assignment or to accommodate another customer requirement.
  • Identify unjustified stops.
  • Show a chronological text view of all vehicle-related activities such as logon, security inspection, unjustified stops and idling and speeding alarms.
  • Display any pictures associated with a stop by selecting that stop location.
  • View a replay of events to show a vehicle’s activity in a specified area.
  • Provide dispatch personnel with the current position of vehicles for quick and accurate dispatch decision-making. This information can be displayed on a large screen monitor for quick access to the information without having to switch applications.
  • View historical reporting for insights on items such as detailed route information, customer service times, individual driver performance and driver speeds.
  • Get a GPS reporting of your vehicles’ latitude and longitude is critical toward determining your fleet’s operational efficiency. Reporting the exact route each vehicle took for any day can help you reduce costs and improve productivity.


  • Know how your vehicles are being handled
  • Identify non-productive time in seconds
  • Determine which drivers generated alarms and where
  • Quickly locate your vehicles at anytime
  • Display your vehicle’s exact route for any day
  • Plot locations of alarm occurrences

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