The FleetLink Manager Server (FMS) is an open Fleet Management platform that not only collects all your driver and vehicle performance data, but also acts as the gateway to provide wireless access to your vehicle for next generation dispatch integration. It serves as the critical bridge between your business systems - from customer care to dispatch operations - with all the complexity of wireless communication completely transparent to your dispatchers or drivers.


The FleetLink Manager Server (FMS) is designed to allow your dispatchers to keep working with their familiar dispatch system, while it provides the seamless delivery of information to and from your fleet. It also retrieves information captured by the FleetMind Onboard Computer automatically, and stores this information in its database for reporting. The FMS provides all collected information to other systems via the FleetExporter component for easy integration. This enables your IS/IT staff to easily integrate data into your organization’s existing system.


  • Complete fleet management system running on Microsoft Windows platform
  • Open modular architecture designed for multi-mode wireless (short range, cellular, satellite)
  • Easy integration to your existing business systems via intuitive business transactions
  • Vehicle and driver performance data easily exportable for maximum reuse
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