FleetMind offers a monthly service option for implementing fleet management solutions.

As a recurring monthly service, waste and recycling organizations no longer have to commit large upfront cash expenditures for hardware and software purchase or licenses. This makes it easier and faster for customers to achieve the resulting return-on-investment (ROI) benefits.

Converting to a service-oriented approach will lower the upfront costs for waste companies and subsequently free up their capital expenditure (Capex) budgets for any required equipment purchases.

Key benefits of a monthly service model include:

  • “All in” agreement – No additional costs for maintenance, warranty or software upgrades.
  • Monthly payment is an operating expenditure (Opex) line item – This typically has favorable tax advantages, and frees up Capex for trucks and other equipment.
  • Faster ROI path – Given that the monthly Opex is minimal as compared to the Capex, ROI is drastically collapsed for improved bottom-line benefits.
  • Lower costs – Reduces overall Capex.
  • Reduced risks – No hidden costs and no budgetary concerns over ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades.
  • Simplicity – Monthly service model makes it easier to manage financially, plan budgets and demonstrate an ROI.

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