FleetMind fleet management solutions for Waste and Recycling companies

FleetMind fleet management solutions for Waste and Recycling companies Improve operations, increase profitability, provide complete fleet visibility and help ensure a problem-free customer experience. FleetMind solutions have been successfully installed in thousands of waste collection vehicles across North America.

With FleetMind, you can:

  • Dramatically improve service efficiencies, billing accuracy, safety  and customer service experiences
  • Sharply increase bottom-line benefits
  • Have complete visibility into fleet and business operations
  • Run a ‘greener’ fleet
  • Significantly reduce resource requirements.

Easy Integration

Whether Soft-Pak, PCScale Tower or TRUX, all daily operations are managed cleanly from inside your existing back-office system.

Route Management

FleetMind takes the management of your drivers, routes, landfills and transfer stations to an entirely new level of productivity. We track your KPMs to measurably increase your efficiencies and let you proactively monitor your fleet in real-time.

Tap into valuable vehicle data

In addition to collecting route data, you can also collect all of your vehicles diagnostics. The FleetMind system is connected to 16 various feeds within the truck, including the ECM. FleetMind tracks diagnostics and driver behavior to provide complete remote visibility into what is happening with your vehicles in real time. 


FleetMind understands what you need to run your business efficiently, and we have developed customized solutions to help you run a tight and streamlined operation, using industry recognized best practices:

  • See where customer density can be increased
  • Get real-time accurate feedback from the field to optimize productivity
  • Identify where costs can be reduced and resources better used
  • Witness servicing problems in real-time and improve customer satisfactionImprove maintenance and safety initiatives
  • Decrease administrative and managerial time wasted on data entry
  • Increase revenues and reduce credits
  • Operate a “greener” fleet

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