FleetLink Web Services

FleetLink Web Services is an intermediate that provides access to vehicle and confirmation information. As a municipality or private hauler, you benefit from accurate insights to real-time and historical operations data. FleetLink Web Services is accessible using compatible application programming interface (API) system.


With FleetLink Web you can track:

  • Vehicle Routes
  • Route Dates
  • Vehicle breadcrumbs
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Vehicle Direction
  • Vehicle Confirmations
  • Confirmation Completion Status
  • Activity Code
  • Number of lifts
  • Lift type
  • Weight
  • Weight Unit
  • RFID Tags
  • Pictures


  • Know how service is being delivered
  • Spot unsafe driver maneuvers
  • Spot service anomalies over time
  • ┬áProcess information with your own customized reports
  • Identify and solve problems faster
  • Respond quickly to any customer service issues