For greener, safer and smarter fleets.

FleetMind is field-proven to reduce waste collection costs, increase customer density, improve service performance, enhance fleet safety and augment revenues.

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Smart Truck Technologies

FleetMind provides the waste industry’s top-ranked onboard fleet management “Smart Truck” systems to improve fleet safety, sustainability, efficiencies, maintenance and customer service.

  • Enhanced Efficiencies
  • Improved Fuel Consumption Management
  • Optimized Safety
  • Enhanced Customer Service
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Some of our award-winning products include:

Some of our Corporate and Municipal waste management customers include

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Casella Waste Systems
“Customers will benefit from our enhanced ability to now provide “real-time” on-route information, while we can all breathe easier knowing that our FleetMind-equipped vehicles are helping us reduce vehicle mileage and fuel consumption, as well as overall greenhouse gas emissions.”
Mike Brennan, Casella Waste Systems

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