Bluewater Recycling Association takes steps to improve fleet operations with FleetMind technology

MONTREAL, CANADA – August 6, 2013  – FleetMind Solutions announced today that the Bluewater Recycling Association, located in Ontario, Canada, has employed its fleet management system to automate and improve their fleet operations. Bluewater manages recycling efforts for 20 municipalities and is one of the largest multi-material resource management municipal cooperative organizations in Canada to provide waste reduction and environmental services.

“We have a vision to use the latest equipment and technologies to ensure the most effective and efficient recycling management,” said Francis Veilleux, President of the Bluewater Recycling Association. “The FleetMind fleet management solution is part of our mission to constantly enhance the quality and responsiveness of our customer service.”

Bluewater outfitted its fleet vehicles with FleetMind’s onboard computing system that provides a single point of interface for the driver, truck, back-office and all communications. The FleetMind system integrates RFID technologies to enable automated service verification and asset tracking. Benefits of the system include improved customer service capabilities, enhanced productivity and reduced costs.

“Bluewater has built a reputation for leading the industry in terms of using advanced technologies and techniques to optimize its services,” said Martin Demers, CEO of FleetMind. “Our onboard computing system will help streamline their fleet operations and improve oversight capabilities. We are proud to be a part of Bluewater’s progressive vision for overall operational excellence.”

View the Bluewater Case Study

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FleetMind Solutions, Inc. is the award-winning technology leader for fleet management solutions. FleetMind’s technology is derived from over 10 years and millions of dollars invested in developing the industry’s best and most advanced fleet solutions specifically designed for waste and recycling environments. FleetMind solutions have been successfully installed in thousands of vehicles across North America. Our products have allowed the industry’s largest waste and recycling fleets to link their drivers and vehicles to business operations in real-time to ensure improved productivity, safety, sustainability, profitability and customer service.

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