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FleetMind executive Don Diego Padilla to speak at Fleet Management Expo 2014

MONTREAL, CANADA – June 23, 2014 – FleetMind Solutions, Inc., the award-winning technology leader for fleet management solutions, today announced that its Vice-President, Don Diego Padilla II, will be speaking as part of an executive panel at the Fleet Management Expo 2014 in Indianapolis.

Date: Wednesday,  June 25

Time: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM.

Indianapolis Marriott East

“Ask the Experts: What Issues Are Keeping You Up at Night?”
This track will address key executive questions on improving fleet operations, lowering costs, vehicle replacement strategies, extending the vehicle lifecycle, ‘greening’ your fleet and much more.

The Fleet Management Expo is a unique educational and networking experience designed exclusively for fleet managers and owners. Whether you manage a waste or recycling fleet for a municipality or the private sector, the Fleet Management Expo will provide solutions and contacts that will help improve your fleet’s performance.

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About FleetMind
FleetMind Solutions, Inc. is the award-winning technology leader for fleet management solutions. FleetMind was founded in 1996 by bringing together leading-edge computer systems expertise for harsh, real-world environments with breakthrough research and development in telematics for heavy trucks. FleetMind designs and manufactures wireless enabled on-board computers, driver terminals and fleet automation software that extend the reach of our customer’s enterprise back-office systems all the way to the truck and driver. Our solutions have allowed some of the largest Waste Management fleets in North America to link their drivers and vehicles to business operations in real-time, delivering enhanced productivity, greener fleets and improved customer service for a measurable ROI.

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