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New Technologies, New Fleet

Fleetmind helps the Bluewater Recycling Association implement new fleet management technologies that cut costs and inefficiencies.

The Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA) is one of the largest multi-material resource management municipal cooperative organizations in Canada.They manage 30,000 tonnes of material annually and service over 70,000 households in 20 southern Ontario municipalities. BRA has been well known in the industry as a leader is adopting new technologies and processes to improve fleet operations.

The biggest challenge BRA was facing was communication. Drivers and the back-office team had several different methods of communication and tracking, but did not feel that it was efficient or simple enough to meet their needs. BRA wanted to implement as system that brought all of their needs together in a simple, real-time, interface. Enter the Fleetmind Flat Screen on-board computing system.


The Fleetmind on-board system is an interactive command centre that brings together all the information, communication and operational needs of the driver, truck and back-office. It allowed for a single point of interface for all parties and greatly reduced the inefficiencies, costs and driver distractions created by their former system.

This system has been a cornerstone of Fleetmind’s fleet management solutions for some time and is considered an essential piece of equipment by many industry experts. Accompanied by Fleetmind’s related products, this system will allow for significant improvements to nearly any fleet operations.

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