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FleetMind’s Martin Demers Featured in Waste 360 Article

FleetMind’s CEO was interviewed about how the waste and recycling indmartin-demersustry has adopted multiple technology solutions in recent years, and how their needs are now being served by fleet-tech organizations like FleetMind.

Earlier this week FleetMind CEO Martin Demers was interviewed by Waste 360s Cheryl McCullen as part of their on-going Waste Expo 2015 Coverage. The article, titled “Serving the Evolving Technology Needs of Waste, Recycling“, examined the various technology solutions now being used in the waste and recycling industry and how they are helping to improve safety, operating costs and customer service.

Martin spoke about how he has seen the industry’s mentality change over his eight year tenure. When he first attended Waste Expo, he found people would often ask “What do you guys do? Why do you guys do this? Why would I need this?”. Now however, he finds industry professionals significantly more informed, and the conversation has shifted from “what do you do?” to “how can I leverage this technology for my organization?”.

Martin also had a chance to discuss the topic of his upcoming panel discussion at Waste Expo 2015, “Smarter Tracking”. “What we’re talking about really is it’s more than tracking garbage. Smart trucks track everything…. We’re tracking assets—the containers, who owns the container, where is the container located, who is the container rented to, tracking the delivery of these containers.” Said Demers. He then added “In the tracking revenue portion of tracking garbage, it’s really about making sure you can track every service event but more than that making sure you can track every extra service and every overage of services so that you can bill for that as well.”

If you would like more information on “Smarter Tracking”, be sure to join Martin and his fellow panellists at Waste Expo 2015 on Monday June 1st at 9AM in room N103 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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