What is a “Smart Truck”?

What is a “Smart Truck”?

We often get asked this question.

What we call a “smart truck” is also known as a “connected” or ‘intelligent” vehicle in the automotive industry. The US Department of Transportation defines a smart or connected vehicle as one with the underlying technology applications to provide connectivity between and among vehicles, infrastructure, and wireless devices to:

  • Enable crash prevention
  • Enable safety, mobility and environmental benefits
  • Provide continuous real-time connectivity to all system users

For the waste and recycling industry, smart trucks provide on-board computing and mobile communications technologies to connect waste collection fleets to managers and the back-office in real-time. These smart trucks are equipped with rugged in-cab touchscreens that can integrate with cameras, scales, RFID readers, fuel monitors, and much more. Their benefits include improved safety, environmental and operational outcomes.

smart truck

When we speak to waste management organizations about smart truck technology, they want to see it in action. This McNeilus video provides great on-the-street footage and screen shots of the FleetLink Vision+  (formerly StreetSmart Vision 10) ‘smart truck’ capabilities, including routing management, live streaming video feeds, fleet overview dashboards, vehicle diagnostics, real-time alarms and much more.

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