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RFID reader integration

Smart truck systems designed to meet the needs of the waste management industry provide an extensive selection of integration options to complement a refuse vehicle’s capabilities. One of these is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems integration. In a nutshell, RFID systems use radio frequency to identify automatically tagged items such as bins or containers.

Their primary purpose is asset management. Automatic asset management can considerably facilitate and improve bin tracking. Using RFID technology provides a more comprehensive view of repairs, swaps and replacements. As a result, manual asset tracking costs are vastly decreased, as are duplicate purchases for missing assets or billing errors for provided services.

RFID can also support a vast quantities of unique ID’s to incorporate additional data as needed. The possibilities for actionable intelligence are considerable. For example, monitoring the amount of collected waste, recycling and even organic waste at each address can help to develop targeted educational and reward programs toward generating more eco-friendly behaviors. Germany and Ireland currently employ RFID tracking for managing *debit payment plans*.

In short – RFID is becoming an integral part of the waste collection process and we can expect to see this technology take on a growing role.
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