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It is easy being “green”

With all due respect to Kermit the Frog and his “It’s not easy being green” song, being green just got a whole lot easier with “smart truck” technologies that deliver tangible environmental benefits to the waste management industry. ABI Research cites such benefits as over 12 percent increases in service profitability, 13 percent improvements in vehicle utilization, and nearly 15 percent decreases in travel time. That’s a whole lot of corresponding emissions reductions and green benefits!

The newest on-board computing technologies focus on mileage and route reduction and driving monitoring. The new lean burn technology targets diesel engine truck performance. The former is a mounted in-cab unit delivering unprecedented real-time information to drivers and dispatchers about a truck’s load-weight, route status, service completion, vehicular telemetry, driver activities and much more. The latter is retrofitted into diesel vehicles adapting the air to fuel ratio to optimize conditions under various engine operating conditions*.

So, Kermit, it turns out that being green is not so hard after all.



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