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FleetMind to Speak at WasteCon on Implementing Smart Fleet Systems for Optimal Adoption and Results

MONTREAL, CANADA – August 17, 2016 – FleetMind Solutions, Inc., the award-winning technology leader for “smart truck” solutions, today announced that its Vice-President of Sales, Don Diego Padilla, will be speaking as part of the WasteCon 2016 conference with a presentation entitled: “Implementing a Smart Fleet System for Optimal Adoption and Results”.

Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Indianapolis Convention Center, Wabash Ballroom 3
Session Tracks: Collection and Transfer
Session Type: Technical Session

“This presentation tackles the post-purchase implementation phase of a new onboard computing system,” said Mr. Padilla. “This phase can seem daunting. You’ve done your research, you’ve selected a technology vendor and you’ve purchased the onboard computing hardware and software to help you improve fleet operations. Your vendor has just deployed the system at your facilities and in your trucks. While your new system may have dozens of key features and capabilities, the reality is that these will overwhelm your team if you try to implement and launch them all simultaneously.”

This presentation will overview how to successfully implement a fleet management system by tackling just two key objectives at a time and making sure that back-office staff and drivers are proficiently comfortable with these. It will provide the detailed steps for the incremental rollout and integration of each objective. It will further provide a case study example based on improving fuel efficiencies, how to implement this objective and how to measure it.

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About FleetMind
FleetMind Solutions, Inc. is the award-winning technology leader for connected “smart truck” solutions for waste management fleets. FleetMind’s technology is derived from over 20 years and millions of dollars invested in developing the most advanced fleet management mobile and software solutions specifically designed for waste and recycling collection environments. FleetMind systems have been successfully installed in thousands of vehicles across North America. Our products enable the industry’s top fleets to link their drivers and vehicles to business operations in real-time to ensure optimal productivity, safety, sustainability, profitability and customer service. FleetMind is now a member of the Safe Fleet family. For more information, visit: To learn about the portfolio of brands owned by FleetMind’s parent company, Safe Fleet, visit

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