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What return on investment (ROI) can we expect from smart trucking system implementation?

Most waste management fleet managers expect smart trucks to be more responsive, more profitable, safer and greener. Richard Knight, COO at Knight Waste Services in Fort Worth, TX, wanted to optimize service quality and achieve the performance targets established by his municipal partner. Knight realized that they needed much more detailed and comprehensive fleet monitoring and data collection capabilities.

Specifically, Knight wanted to be able to better automate the processing of routes for enhanced efficiencies, gain real-time views into driver behavior to help mitigate personnel issues, improve overall monitoring of collections activity for service assurance, gain video and photo evidence of any issues, and increase the level and scope of reporting capabilities.

Knight researched numerous fleet management technology options in their search for a comprehensive and fully-integrated solution before selecting the Street Smart Vision by McNeilus SSV10 system, an onboard computing solution powered by FleetMind.

To learn more about Knight Waste Services deployment, click here.

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