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We introduced our newest FleetLink mobile product

Earlier this year we introduced our newest FleetLink mobile product, FleetLink Mobile Lite, which is powered by the Panasonic Toughpad® FZ-M1. The FleetLink Toughpad® FZ-M1 in-cab touchscreen smart display is built for productivity and performance with the industry’s broadest range of configuration options. For our customers, the FleetLink Toughpad® FZ-M1 is primarily geared toward enhanced container maintenance and service auditing that leverages UHF RFID capabilities and embedded cameras.

What we love about it is that it’s the ideal tool for today’s mobile waste workforce. It’s super rugged and stands up to hardcore wear and tear. It’s a durable onboard computing platform that is both fully integrated and easy to install.

Learn more about FleetLink Mobile Lite.

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