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FleetMind and C2Logix provide one-click route management and route optimization for solid waste haulers

Montreal, Canada — April 24, 2019 — FleetMind Solutions, Inc., the award-winning technology leader for “smart truck” solutions, and C2Logix, the leading provider of route optimization technology, today announced that they have integrated their route management and route optimization products in order to provide solid waste management fleets with a one-click solution that optimizes routes for immediate dispatch. The first customer to benefit from this integrated solution is the Solid Waste Division of the city of Clovis, California. Using FleetMind and C2Logix together, the city of Clovis will be able to dispatch optimized routes to its vehicles on the fly and quickly achieve significant savings in fuel and wear and tear.

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“We are very excited by the benefits made possible by integrating these two leading technologies— C2Logix’s C2RouteApp® and FleetMind’s FleetLink™ Route System—and look forward to delivering them to the market, starting with our joint customer, the City of Clovis”, said Tony Esposito, President and CEO of C2Logix. “By ensuring that our C2RouteApp route optimization can accept route data from FleetLink Route System and provide optimized routes in return with the click of a mouse, we are ensuring that the City’s operations are always using the most cost-effective routes.”

“C2Logix has been a pioneer in route optimization and in choosing to work with them to meet the needs of the city of Clovis, we are aligning our efforts with the very best in route optimization”, said Don Diego Padilla II, Vice President of Sales for FleetMind. “Integration between our two solutions means both convenience and cost savings for the City of Clovis. Less tedious management of manual routes translates into more time spent on the customer-facing activities that ultimately drive citizen satisfaction.”

With C2RouteApp®, C2Logix has developed a web-based solution for optimizing routes that typically saves solid waste haulers 15% in daily mileage, let alone the cost savings from reduced wear and tear on vehicles. With its ability to automate route creation from a given series of stops, C2RouteApp spares users the hassles of creating routes by hand.

With FleetLink Route System™, FleetMind has developed a complete solution for creating, managing, and dispatching routes for solid waste and recycling haulers. FleetLink Route System is part of the FleetLink suite of applications, which, in addition to route management, offer vehicle tracking, reporting, video recording and playback, and a safety dashboard.

Demonstrating the integrated solution at Waste Expo
FleetMind and C2Logix will be demonstrating their integrated solution for route optimization at Waste Expo, the premier industry conference for solid waste management, from May 7-9, 2019 in Las Vegas. C2Logix and FleetMind can be found at booths #4462 and #1973, respectively.

About C2Logix
C2Logix, Inc has been a leader in the route optimization technology field since its inception in January 2000. Initially focused on the waste industry, our patented solutions have grown to make us an established, and respected leader across a multitude of industries. We provide businesses a means to optimize routes for a single vehicle or an entire fleet of mobile workers, saving companies thousands of dollars per year in fleet operating expenses and administrative expenses. Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, with offices in Tampa, Chicago, and Baltimore, C2Logix also provides expert consulting services, including route optimization assistance, territory planning, and cost analysis. For more information, visit

About FleetMind
FleetMind Solutions is the award-winning technology leader for connected smart truck solutions for waste management fleets. FleetMind develops the industry’s most advanced fleet management solutions specifically for waste and recycling environments. FleetMind systems have been successfully installed in thousands of vehicles across North America to link waste and recycling fleet operations to their drivers and vehicles in real-time to ensure optimal productivity, safety, sustainability, profitability and customer service. FleetMind is a member of the Safe Fleet family. For more information, visit

To learn about the portfolio of brands owned by FleetMind’s parent company, Safe Fleet, visit:

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