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FleetMind and ITA Dynamics to release a fully integrated financial & route management system to the waste & recycling community

Montreal, Canada — May 1, 2019 — FleetMind Solutions, Inc., the award-winning technology leader for “smart truck” solutions for solid waste management, and ITA Dynamics, the leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics-based billing solutions for the waste and recycling industry, today announced that they have integrated their two products in order to provide North American waste management and recycling companies with a seamlessly integrated “all-in-one” solution for billing, route management, and service verification.

integrated billing, route management and service verification solution

Using FleetMind’s FleetLink™ Route System and ITA Dynamics’ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ENWIS products together, solid waste fleets can create customers, assign subscriptions, dispatch routes, and handle on-demand stops, while maintaining a single version of events. They can also leverage FleetLink Reports’ extensive service verification capabilities, which provide time-stamped, location-based photographic evidence of service delivery, to provide conclusive proof from within Microsoft Dynamics ENWIS to rapidly resolve customer service queries, particularly complaints about missed service or excessive billing.

The value in combining Microsoft Dynamics ENWIS and the FleetLink suite of applications goes beyond productivity gains for customer service representatives, dispatchers, and bookkeepers. In fact, by bringing together two sources of rich operating data in real-time, with a suite of powerful built-in reports, it is possible to generate meaningful insights about how service is provided, the productivity and profitability of individual routes, the efficiency of capital allocation, and many other critical operating questions.

“We believe that by working together with ITA Dynamics, an innovator in solid waste billing, we will provide haulers with a solution that delivers meaningful productivity gains and unique new business insight”, said Don Diego Padilla II, Vice President of Sales for FleetMind. “Automatic real-time integration between our two solutions means that vehicles on the road have immediate access to new customers as well as on-demand stops, while back-office systems have immediate access to the data required to drive customer conversations as well as revenue recognition.”

“We are very excited that ITA Dynamics is able to fulfill our mission of creating ‘One Version of the Truth’ by integrating our Microsoft Dynamics ENWIS financial and waste solution with FleetMind’s FleetLink suite of applications”, said Michael Ayoroa, president and CEO of ITA Dynamics. “By ensuring that our Microsoft Dynamics ENWIS financial application, specifically designed for the needs of the waste and recycling community, can populate FleetLink Route System in real-time, we are delivering on our goal of maintaining a reliable, single source of truth for all waste management operations.”

With FleetLink Route System™, FleetLink has developed a complete solution for creating, managing, and dispatching routes for solid waste and recycling haulers. With WasteApp™ and FleetLink Reports, FleetMind has developed a complete solution for service verification. FleetLink Route System, FleetLink Reports and WasteApp are part of the FleetLink suite of applications, which, in addition to route management, offer vehicle tracking, reporting, video recording and playback, and a safety dashboard.

ENWIS (ENterprise Waste Information Software) is a complete enterprise resource productivity (ERP) system that can be hosted both on premise or in the Microsoft Azure cloud, addressing the needs of each and every functional area in all waste management and recycling organizations.

Demonstrating the integrated billing solution at Waste Expo
FleetMind and Microsoft partner ITA Dynamics will be showcasing their integrated solution for route management and financial controls at Waste Expo 2019, the premier industry conference for waste management and recycling companies from May 7-9, 2019 in Las Vegas. FleetMind and ITA Dynamics can be found at booths #1973 and #4264, respectively.

About ITA Dynamics
Microsoft partner ITA Dynamics is the representative of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ENWIS software system in North America with sole distribution rights within the USA, Canada, and Mexico, with decades worth of implementation and upgrading expertise for waste services and recycling businesses. Microsoft Dynamics ENWIS has been in constant development for over two and a half decades and is the result of practical requirements of 400+ companies from 36 different countries in all sectors of the waste & recycling marketplace. For more information, please visit:

About FleetMind
FleetMind Solutions is the award-winning technology leader for connected smart truck solutions for waste management fleets. FleetMind develops the industry’s most advanced fleet management solutions specifically for waste and recycling environments. FleetMind systems have been successfully installed in thousands of vehicles across North America to link waste and recycling fleet operations to their drivers and vehicles in real-time to ensure optimal productivity, safety, sustainability, profitability and customer service. FleetMind is a member of the Safe Fleet family. For more information, please visit:

To learn about the portfolio of brands owned by FleetMind’s parent company, Safe Fleet, visit:

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