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Public Safety Hero Winner! (video)

Safe Fleet is proud to announce our 2020 Public Safety Hero award.  Each year, our waste and recycling industry customers across North America are invited to nominate the safest drivers in their organization to participate in our annual Public Safety Heroes program for a chance to win the grand prize of $1000 and receive some well deserved recognition.

Shawn Danielson from the City of Minot’s Sanitation Department was nominated by the sanitation foreman Ray Neuhalfen who submitted data using FleetLink Reports to prove Mr. Danielson’s exceptional road awareness and safety driving habits.  On the evening of November 16th, 2020 during a live City Council Meeting, in front of an audience following social distancing rules, Mr. Danielson was called to the podium by Mayor Shaun Sipma to receive his reward along with a very special mayor’s coin.

Danielson has worked in the City’s sanitation department for six years, and has an impeccable safety record, according to City of Minot Sanitation Superintendent Josh Kraft.

“Shawn is an exceptional driver who takes great pride in doing his job in the safest, most efficient ways possible,” Kraft said. “He’s earned this recognition through hard work, and we thank him for his continued dedication to the residents of Minot.”

Heroes come from all different backgrounds and industries.  Our sanitation workers work hard to ensure our communities and our environment are kept safe and clean.  Every year the Public Safety Heroes program starts on June 1st, runs for the duration of the summer and closes on September 1st.  Efforts to ensure customers take advantage of this great opportunity to use the Safe Fleet platform to shine the spotlight on a driver in their organization also helps increase safety awareness in the fleet industry.

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