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Waste Fleets are “Smartening Up” – New Directions in Smart Truck Technologies & Capabilities

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking on Smart Truck themes at the 6th Annual Canadian Waste to Resource Conference in Montreal, Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 at 1:15 pm at the Palais des Congrès. My presentation – Waste Fleets are “Smartening Up” – New Directions in Smart Truck Technologies & Capabilities – will look at how today’s top… Continue Reading »

Smart Trucks at CWRE 2015

Every year as the leaves fall and the weather turns colder, we know it’s time for our annual Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo. This year the event is back in Montreal, at the Palais des Congrès, Nov. 4-5. This is a great venue for us to catch up with our Canadian customers, friends and associates…. Continue Reading »

How does fleet management s/w help with fuel management?

  According to recent Software Advice research, improvements in budgeting, data collection and fuel estimates are among the top benefits cited as a result of employing fleet management systems. The report – “How Fleet Management Software Can Improve Fuel Efficiency” – makes a compelling case for how fleet management software can help improve fuel efficiency… Continue Reading »

Waste Advantage Magazine just published an article on Smart Fleets

[click to enlarge] Waste Advantage Magazine just published an article on Smart Fleets by  FleetMind’s Martin Demers and McNeilus Trucks’ Bryan Dodds in this month’s issue. This provides some good insights on the industry’s move toward “smarter” vehicles and what this means for both managers and drivers. Read it here  

Saving time – Saving Money

Every bit matters. OBC fleet management systems are field-proven to reduce operational costs. But how much exactly? We’ve done the math. Assuming that the hourly burden rate to operate a vehicle is $63.43 – this totals an annual cost of $167,449 per vehicle.  Working from the worst case to best case scenario options of 15,… Continue Reading »

Best Practices

I recently authored an article in Waste Advantage Magazine on “Best Practices in Waste Fleet Management”. Savvy waste fleet managers throughout North America are leveraging onboard computing systems to dramatically improve service efficiencies, gain better visibility into fleet and business operations, boost customer service and ensure a significant reduction in resource requirements. They are setting… Continue Reading »

The Top 8 Fleet Management Technology Myths

Fleet management systems and technology have come a long way in the past decade. According to a new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the global commercial vehicle telematics market is set to reach US $11.2 billion by 2015. It’s clear – fleet management technologies are on the rise and are field-proven to deliver compelling… Continue Reading »

Route management – more than just route optimization.

We talk to fleet managers from all across North America on a daily basis. They care about a lot of things, but managing their routes and drivers for maximum efficiencies seems to come out at the top of their list of concerns most consistently. With cost pressures increasing, they’re constantly tasked to get more efficiencies… Continue Reading »

RFID Technologies for Automated Garbage Collection

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technologies are now gaining ground in the automation of garbage collection and the management of individual carts and customers.

Brewing Industry Has a Thirst for RFID Tracking

UK based Kegspertise is helping major brewers track their kegs and improve supply chain efficiency.