Latest COVID19 Updates:

Safety Driving Rewards for Rewarding Safe Driving

Safe driving recognition programs have proven to increase motivation among drivers and practice safer driving behaviors.  FleetMind’s annual ‘Public Safety Heroes’ program is focused on empowering customers wanting to protect their drivers, reputation and bottom line. In recent years, fatalities and serious injuries in the waste and recycling industry have dramatically increased. SWANA reported 53… Continue Reading »

Manage Routes and Drivers for Maximum Efficiencies

We talk to fleet managers from all across North America on a daily basis. They care about a lot of things, but managing their routes and drivers for maximum efficiencies seems to come out at the top of their list of concerns. As a fleet manager, efficiency is key.  With cost pressures increasing, they’re constantly tasked… Continue Reading »

FleetMind Kicks-off Public Safety Heroes Contest to Commemorate National Safety Month

In honor of June National Safety Month, the FleetMind team kicked off the week with our Public Safety Heroes summer contest. Recently, safety has been a trending topic for our workers, family and friends.  At FleetMind, our efforts of promoting positive safety driving behaviors have been recognized through award winning innovations for best fleet management… Continue Reading »

We have a reputation for developing leading edge solutions

As a developer of smart truck systems, I think it’s fair to say that our company is pretty smart. Most of our folks are engineers and we work hard to stay at the technological forefront of the industry. We have a reputation for developing leading edge solutions, and I strongly believe that reputation to be… Continue Reading »

Making the Case for a Smart Fleet Management System

We often get asked by customers and prospective customers to help them make the case for the purchase and deployment of a smart fleet management OBC system. They know they need it and they know that its effective use will yield measurable results and benefits. But budgets are tight and bosses need convincing. We get… Continue Reading »

We introduced our newest FleetLink mobile product

Earlier this year we introduced our newest FleetLink mobile product, FleetLink Mobile Lite, which is powered by the Panasonic Toughpad® FZ-M1. The FleetLink Toughpad® FZ-M1 in-cab touchscreen smart display is built for productivity and performance with the industry’s broadest range of configuration options. For our customers, the FleetLink Toughpad® FZ-M1 is primarily geared toward enhanced… Continue Reading »

In August I Posted About a New White Paper

In August I posted about a new white paper that we had just published about the expected ROI of a ‘smart’ fleet system deployment. To our delight, Waste Advantage Magazine picked up on the theme and asked me to develop a contributed article for the October issue of the magazine. Together with Tom Gill, Senior… Continue Reading »

FLEETSMARTS: New White Paper Examines Expected ROI of a Smart Fleet System Deployment

FleetMind published today an industry white paper – “By the Numbers – Smart Fleets Are the Smart Choice” – which examines the return-on-investment (ROI) of a smart fleet management system as derived from real-life deployment results. Running a smart and optimally effective fleet operation is all about maximum visibility and efficiencies. Some of the more… Continue Reading »