California Waste Recovery Systems Solves Billing and Customer Service Issues with FleetMind

California Waste Recovery Systems (Cal-Waste) is a privately owned, full-service waste removal company providing commercial, industrial and residential collection services for over 80 years in Northern California’s Greater San Joaquin and Sacramento County areas.

California Waste Recovery Systems
“FleetMind has allowed us to reduce our administrative staffing by one full body and upgraded our accuracy and productivity.”
Jack Fiori, Cal-Waste, Vice President

The Problem

Cal-Waste wanted to solve the following problems:

  • Billing Inefficiencies: Cal-Waste wanted to be able to bill their roll off invoicing the next day by reducing the time required to get data from the field, enter it into the back office, and then process it through the billing process.
  • Customer Service Delays: Cal-Waste wanted to be able to quickly react to customer service requests for immediate service with detailed information about the call. All of this of course needed to directly interact with their existing back office systems. “Bottle necks in getting service data from the field into our i-Pak back office system led to the stretching of our roll off billing over several days. These delays can directly affect cash flows especially with disposal costs being an integral part of the billing. We wanted to improve the billing timeline,” said Cal-Waste Vice President, Jack Fiori.

The Solution

Seeking to better harness leading technologies to improve efficiencies, Mr. Fiori and his management team turned to FleetMind for its onboard computer system for their roll off service fleet.

After a detailed review of the FleetMind offerings by the Cal-Waste management team, a decision was made to move forward with the standard FleetMind on-board computer, FleetLink Reports system, and the interactive real-time FleetLink Map solution. As FleetMind was already partnered with So-Cal Soft-Pak Inc of San Diego, Cal-Waste was assured that the data would interface directly into their existing i-Pak back office system.

FleetMind implemented detailed deployment plan and installed the solution to run over a GPRS communications system supported by AT&T Cingular, establishing direct real-time communications with each truck. The FleetLink system operates over the existing Cal-Waste wide area network (WAN) with simple plug and play capabilities, and encompasses a remote yard extension from the main office location.

FleetMind provided training for Cal-Waste’s mechanical staff to install, troubleshoot and maintain the on board systems so that they could be autonomous for ongoing support. Further one-on-one driver training in the field was also supplied by the FleetMind staff.

The Results

According to Mr. Fiori, California Waste Recovery was able to recognize the following benefits of using the FleetMind solution in less than one year:

  • Next-day Billing: Daily billing information is sent immediately after completion of the call from the field. Billing information is verified for any exceptions, and billing takes place the next morning and, in most cases, invoices are in the mail that same day.
  • Increased Operational Efficiencies: Reduced time for customer service reps to input a work request, and provide that precise order (special instructions, details, contact name/number) to the driver on his screen the next day.
  • Service Verification:When a call comes in that requires immediate attention, Cal-Waste is now able to dispatch the entire work order to the driver task and have a high level of comfort that what was promised is what will be delivered.
  • Cost Savings: Stream lined data entry processes saved dollars on the input side in terms of tonnage inputting, daily log information (times, dump locations, etc.).
  • Billing Accuracy: Better reporting capabilities made it easy to identify accounts that were underpriced, as well as simplify driver and route comparisons for productions, time, miles, etc.
  • Better Billing Reconciliation: Landfill invoice reconciliation became much easier and faster as the driver was able to enter the dump location, commodity, tons, and so forth. This has virtually eliminated mistakes and invoice turn-around for approval became much faster.