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Casella Waste Systems Enhances Fleet Operations and Sustainability

Waste executives and fleet managers are always looking for ways to run better, more efficient and more sustainable operations. Casella Waste Systems, Inc., headquartered in Rutland, VT, accomplished this and more by implementing a fleet management solution.

Casella provides solid waste, recycling and resource management services in seven Northeastern U.S. states. Casella’s operations include 7 recycling facilities, 12 disposals facilities, 31 collection operations and 29 transfer stations. Casella makes it a business strategy to create sustainable value beyond the traditional disposal model.

testimonials Casella Waste Systems
“Customers will benefit from our enhanced ability to now provide “real-time” on-route information, while we can all breathe easier knowing that our FleetMind-equipped vehicles are helping us reduce vehicle mileage and fuel consumption, as well as overall greenhouse gas emissions.”
Mike Brennan, Director of Operations & Maintenance, Casella

Casella Objectives

In keeping with their vision for company-wide operational innovation and excellence, Casella was looking for a fleet management solution that would support the company’s high standards for sustainability and service. Specifically, they wanted to improve the quality of their customer experience, as well as deliver real environmental health benefits through the improved vehicle efficiencies.


Casella selected FleetMind’s FleetLink hardware and software solution for waste and recycling organizations that includes tools for onboard computing, fleet mapping, reporting and analysis, driver direction, automated service verification, wireless communications and more. Casella started with a small pilot deployment in July 2008 to test the system, and implemented a phased rollout of the system to more than 150 Casella collection vehicles and 11 sites. The implementation included both hardware and software installations in vehicles and offices, and back-office systems integration.


Most notably, Casella has seen measurable improvements to customer service updates, data accuracy and overall productivity.

Casella’s improvements as a result of the FleetMind system include:


With fleet management tools, Casella supports leaner and greener fleets by: a) optimizing each truck’s routes to reduce time spent on the road and the number of engine hours per day, b) reducing the amount of fuel burned by using alarms to monitor and reduce idling (by an estimated five percent), and c) identifying inefficient driving patterns and vehicle maintenance issues for immediate resolution.


Fleet safety is about reducing risk and reinforcing safe driving behavior. With fleet-mapping and reporting capabilities, Casella has real-time visibility into driver activity and behavior to make sure that its managers have the tools and information they need to pro-actively implement fleet safety initiatives and mitigate associated risks.

More Responsive

Customer service excellence is one of Casella’s core values. With its fleet management solution, Casella can now deliver real-time and fully automated service verification to track individual container and customer activity. Its new fleet management dashboard delivers a single-view interface into all fleet operations and performance to identify and respond to customer service requirements more efficiently and with a greater degree of accuracy.

On top of its Fleet 24/7

To run an effective waste disposal operation, fleet managers need to know what’s going on for every route, vehicle and container in real-time. Casella now has complete visibility into its entire fleet – every stop of the way. This helps us to ensure optimal operational efficiencies, productivity, safety and customer service.

Optimizes Decision-Making

Casella can now view multiple items of vehicle information on the map simultaneously including the current vehicle location, alarm locations, vehicle activities, containers and the breadcrumb trail. This allows dispatch personnel to identify in real-time the current position of vehicles for quick and accurate dispatch decision-making.

Improves Billing Accuracies

With improved reporting capabilities, Casella is easily able to identify accounts that may have been inaccurately priced, as well as simplify driver and route comparisons for productions, time, miles, etc. Landfill invoice reconciliation is easier and faster as drivers are able to enter the dump location, commodity, tons and more.