U-Pak Disposals Reduces Time and Costs with FleetMind

U-Pak Disposals is a leading recycling services provider in the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario area. For over 35 years, U-Pak has been developing industry leading sustainable recycling alternatives with a fleet of 50 vehicles and a commitment to the highest environmental standards.

“Using FleetMind’s on-board computer and driver terminal solution coupled with our Soft-Pak back-office system has brought tremendous benefits. When I discovered that my drivers could take pictures and capture signatures with the new FleetMind handheld unit, I wanted to be the first to try it. I gave them an order right away. I could see how this will help our operations be more efficient, especially on routes that take us into alleys in Toronto’s downtown core where we are often blocked and can’t service the customers. Now we can show them why in real-time. This brings us one step closer to achieving our mandate of reducing the amount of paper we produce.”
Mary Molony, CFO, U-Pak

The Problem

U-Pak needed technology solutions to address a number of the company’s fleet management issues:

  • Labor Intensive Data Processes: U-Pak wanted to reduce staffing requirements by streamlining the daily data entry and process of getting daily calls to the driver. The current process of data entry for service tickets and disposal information, and tracking turn times, was too time consuming.
  • Inefficient Service Verification: U-Pak was also looking for a more reliable way to confirm service completion, and for customer service staff to have real-time access to this information for issues resolution.
  • Lack of Truck/Driver Visibility: From an operations point of view, U-Pak wanted a real-time view into truck locations, progress and call times.

The Solution

U-Pak turned to FleetMind and its on-board computer and driver terminal solutions to address its issues.

Since FleetMind could already interface with the U-Pak back office system (i-Pak), the first step was already complete. U-Pak installed the FleetMind solution on two vehicles on a trial basis. The FleetMind team worked closely with the U-Pak staff to make sure that all of the requirements for both administration (billing) and operations were being met. FleetMind worked directly with U-Pak’s back office partner, Soft-Pak, to redefine and enhance the customer service system to provide real-time visibility into service data for customer activities.

The result was a two-keystroke system access that gave U-Pak immediate access to all required data. The customer could be advised if the service had been provided, along with any details, or when they are scheduled for pickup if they had yet to be serviced. Direct real-time communications were established using the 1RXTT communications system supported by Bell Canada.

After a successful trial, U-Pak outfitted their entire fleet with the FleetMind solution.

The Results

For the past four years, U-Pak has enjoyed a number of benefits from the FleetMind system. Most recently, they were an early adopter of FleetMind’s next generation of mobile handheld driver terminals.

Benefits of U-Pak using the FleetMind integrated system included:

  • 60% staff reduction for data entry positions.
  • 80% reduction in data entry times (from 10 minutes per route in roll off to less than 2 minutes) with real-time direct entry from the driver.
  • Customer service efficiencies increased for dealing with missed calls.
  • Decreased credits and write offs due to real-time service verification.
  • Accurate service times for operations and pricing evaluations.
  • Overall reductions in time for driver check in, dispatching and service verification.
  • Real-time vehicular data monitoring has lead to cost reductions on maintenance and verification of driver usage of the rolling stock.
  • Real-time vehicular tracking and monitoring has earned U-Pak a top grade fleet status for insurance purposes.
  • Accident reporting has assisted in several vehicle incidents.