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In their own words, here’s what some of our customers and partners have to say.


testimonials - McNeilus
“In 2016, we added 15 new waste and recycling management customers for our FleetLink Vision+ solution. From customers as far away as New Zealand, there is clearly a strong demand in the waste industry for trucks that are smarter, safer, cleaner and more productive. We are grateful to the industry for an outstanding year and are looking forward to what we will accomplish together in the new year.”
Bryan Dodds, Director of Aftermarket Product Development at McNeilus
(The SSV10 “smart” truck solution combines McNeilus refuse collection vehicles with FleetMind’s mobile onboard computer and DVR platform.)

testimonials Knight Waste Services
“Implementing the FleetLink Vision+ system helps us verify to the City of Fort Worth that customers are being serviced and provide them with that information in real-time. The system also enables us to document activities and incidents with video and photos, significantly reducing our liability. Just as importantly, we can better manage our fleet operations and customer service as a result of the information the FleetLink Vision+ system makes available to us. In my opinion, it has proven to be the ‘most complete’ technology solution for our needs.”
Richard Knight, COO, Knight Waste Services

testimonials - McNeilus
“Refuse collection fleet managers face increasing pressures to deliver collection services that are more responsive, environmentally-friendly, and safe. To do so, refuse trucks need to be smarter by integrating technology to collect and communicate important data regarding routes, drivers, customers and vehicle systems. They can do that with FleetLink Vision+, powered by FleetMind. Solid waste collection organizations can be assured of a 360-degree view for completely transparent fleet operations.”
Bryan Dodds, Director of Aftermarket Product Development, McNeilus

testimonials Casella Waste Systems
“Customers will benefit from our enhanced ability to now provide “real-time” on-route information, while we can all breathe easier knowing that our FleetLink-equipped vehicles are helping us reduce vehicle mileage and fuel consumption, as well as overall greenhouse gas emissions.”
Mike Brennan, Director of Operations & Maintenance, Casella

“Using FleetMind’s on-board computer and driver terminal solution coupled with our Soft-Pak back-office system has brought tremendous benefits.”
Mary Molony, CFO, U-Pak

Western Oregon Waste
“FleetMind has streamlined the entire operation. Our drivers immediately adapted to the system and have become comfortable relying on it over their old route books. FleetMind customer service and support is there for us 24/7, and are always on the forefront with new ideas.”
Rick Kuehn, Operations Manager at Western Oregon Waste

JD Smith
“We selected FleetMind as our on-board computing solution after conducting an exhaustive search of options available. FleetMind was the only provider that could offer us both the low operating cost and simple ease-of-use design. The simple driver interface and design of the unit were welcomed by our drivers. The initial rollout was much easier than we anticipated. We were able to achieve an ROI far faster than originally thought by simply being able to manage driver behavior such as idling, speeding and unauthorized breaks.”
Brian Death, General Manager, JD Smith

Rosedale Transport
“The FleetLink solution sold itself when we had our first demonstration. The choice became even easier when we realized that our database provider had a readily available integration module with FleetMind. Since our start-up, the hardware installed in the trucks has been solid and virtually problem free.”
Ron Uloth, VP and General Manager, Rosedale Transport

PSION Teklogix
“FleetMind is recognized as a leader in providing innovative solutions to the waste and recycling industry and we are thrilled to be working with them to access this market.”
Mr. Bertrand Martelle, Canadian General Manager of PSION Teklogix

Alien Technology
“FleetMind understands that deploying RFID solutions for fleet management is not a question of if, but when. The potential for improvements to business processes is immense, and FleetMind is leading the way by making the integration of RFID capabilities a competitive requirement.”
Terrel Pruett, Senior Director of Channels for Alien Technology

Network Products Guide
“Increased end-user awareness and ongoing advances in technology are helping shape better products and services. Using RFID technology, FleetMind’s cart delivery and management system is bringing improvements to the waste and recycling industry by delivering better service through real-time access to information and immediate response capabilities.”
Rake Narang, Editor-in-Chief, Network Products Guide