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Nominate Your Driver For A Chance To Win $1000 In Cash Or A $100 Gift Card


We are inviting our customers to participate in the 2021 Public Safety Hero award!  You will nominate a hero (the driver) who has shown any or all of the below criteria:

  • Best demonstrates road awareness and safety
  • Quick thinking (e.g. whose actions avoided an accident and likely saved the life of a pedestrian or fellow motorist)
  • Someone with the longest and most consistent safety record in your organization
  • Someone who has been going above and beyond during these unprecedented times

Program Details:

Applications are due by Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

  • A $100 gift card & certificate will be awarded to the best driver in your company
  • Grand prize winner will receive $1000 CASH. Along with a certificate as proof of bragging rights for being the new 2021 Public Safety Hero
  • Winner will be announced at this years SWANA Safety Awards at WASTECON!
Download Public Safety Hero Poster to Print

2020 Public Safety Hero

Winner: Shawn Danielson
From: City of Minot

Shawn’s Story

Shawn Danielson was nominated by Ray Neuhalfen with the City of Minot Sanitation Department for demonstrating exceptional road awareness and safety driving habits.  With a proven history of the longest and most consistent safety driving record in the City of Minot.

Danielson had worked in the City’s sanitation department for six years, and has had an impeccable safety record, according to City of Minot Sanitation Superintendent Josh Kraft.

“Shawn is an exceptional driver who takes great pride in doing his job in the safest, most efficient ways possible,” Kraft said. “He’s earned this recognition through hard work, and we thank him for his continued dedication to the residents of Minot. residents of Minot.”

The $1000 Surprise

On the evening of November 16th, 2020 during a live City Council meeting, and an audience filled room following social distancing rules, Mr. Danielson was called to the podium by Mayor Shaun Sipma to receive his big $1000 check along with a very special mayor’s coin.  You can watch this in the video below.

How the Winner Was Selected

Our FleetMind team had a tough time selecting the winner knowing 2020 had been hit hard with the challenges of COVID-19, drivers of waste collection industry dealt with added pressures to ensure our communities and neighborhoods were kept safe and clean.

Sanitation Foreman, Ray Neuhalfen submitted data using FleetLink Reports proving details of Mr. Danielson’s exceptional records showcasing road awareness and safety driving habits.  After carefully reviewing all the nominees data records, we knew Mr. Danielson was the big winner.

2019 Public Safety Hero

Winner: Kyle Schmidt
From: City of Dickinson

2019 Public Safety Hero Winner
The City of Dickinson, Driver Safety Awards

Kyle’s Story

Kyle Schmidt had been working as a driver for the City of Dickinson for 7 years.  Kyle had a proven track record for having the fewest incidents when compared to his colleagues, all the while having put in the most hours.

He was recognized by Rachel Shumaker, Recycling and Collections Coordinator at the City of Dickinson’s Recycling Department.

“Kyle is someone who is reliable, honest and his continuous display of positivity while he is on the job.”

The $1000 Surprise

Kyle Schmidt, from the City of Dickinson in North Dakota was recognized as their first annual 2019 Public Safety Hero Campaign Grand Prize Winner during a City Commission meeting on November 5th, 2019.

City of Dickinson, Sanitation Department Team

“Mr. Schmidt stood out from the rest of this year’s nominees, as the best example of safe driving behavior,” said Frank Flores, FleetMind’s Regional Account Director.  “I was extremely excited to present the award to Mr. Schmidt in front of City Council in recognition of his stellar driving record and commitment to safety.”

How the Winner Was Selected

During the campaign, FleetLinkTM users boosted their use of FleetMind’s leading route management and safety platform to help empower their drivers and reinforce positive driving behavior.

The winning submission used the FleetLink back office software to extract and submit the driver’s scorecard, as well as his performance report, as proof of his safety track record.

Many other nominees sent in FleetLink camera system recordings of drivers using quick judgment to avoid collisions, as well as dashboards and reports showcasing some of their safest drivers.


What is the duration of the Public Safety Heroes program?

The program runs for three months from the June 1st 2021 to September 1st, 2021.

What are the guidelines for judging drivers’ performance and deciding on who the ‘best driver’ is? Any best practices we should follow?

We encourage you to leverage Safe Fleet’s FleetLink technology to measure the performance of your drivers during this 3-month period!

  • Items such as harsh braking, speeding, etc., which are indicators of aggressive driving, can be captured in our FleetLink Safety Dashboard, FleetLink Map, and FleetLink Reports web-based applications. We generate alerts as well as reports.
  • Harsh braking and other aggressive driving events, as well as accidents, can be captured on video and then viewed via the FleetLink Safety Dashboard. A video snippet with the seconds preceding and the seconds following the event will be recorded automatically, time-stamped, GPS-located, and made available for playback.
  • Provides inputs needed to have near-real time discussions about driver behaviors or safety events.

Other factors to consider are:

    • Drivers’ length of service and how long they have been accident-free.

Who from our organization should lead this program?

We recommend that you nominate a Champion from your organization to oversee this program. Obvious candidates would be the Safety Manager, the Operations Manager, etc. The Champion should be objective and someone who is able to track drivers’ progress by analyzing the data records available to them on each of their drivers.

How can I promote this program to my team?

We will be providing digital materials for you to use in communicating this program to your team.

  • Posters you may put up around your office and lunch room
  • Email communications
  • Talk to your drivers and colleagues to learn more about your drivers.  Driver stories are the best way to get to learn about what makes them a hero!

Email your organizations’ nominee to

Please reach out to your Account Rep if you have any further questions on the program.
Good luck to all of our nominees!

If you want to see more about our previous driver safety award winners, watch the videos below.