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GraffitiApp™ is FleetMind’s application for dispatching graffiti removal tasks, recording graffiti details such as tags, and taking photographic “before and after” evidence. When used in conjunction with the FleetLink Mobile Lite ruggedized tablet that features a built-in camera, GraffitiApp provides a complete solution for documenting service provision, while providing the inputs necessary for billing as well as legal proceedings against graffiti artists.

GraffitiApp receives routes dispatched from FleetLink Route System™’s automated routing engine, then presents them for completion based on either route sequence or proximity to addresses based on GPS-based geolocation.

At each stop, the cleaning technician takes the FleetLink Mobile Lite tablet computer to the graffiti site. GraffitiApp is then used to capture details on the surface area, structure type, surface material, time required to clean the graffiti, and the consumables used. Using FleetLink Mobile Lite’s built-in camera, GraffitiApp takes pictures of the site before and after cleaning. Cleaning stop records are further enhanced with timestamps, geo-location stamps (lat/long coordinates), and customers’ electronic signatures.

GraffitiApp mural view

As cleaning stops are confirmed as complete by GraffitiApp, their status is updated online in real-time and viewable from either FleetLink Map™, another web-based application, or FleetLink Reports™. Dispatchers have immediate access to the information required to manage customer expectations about graffiti removal, whether it’s a new high priority, on-demand stop or a complaint about missed service.

GraffitiApp customer signature

GraffitiApp helps to build a database of known graffiti artists, their tags, and the murals that they paint, which is particularly useful when pursuing legal action. As new graffiti artists are discovered, they can be added to GraffitiApp by graffiti removal personnel in the field. These records can be reviewed from within FleetLink Reports.

With support for pre-defined driver activities such as break, meal, refuelling, etc., GraffitiApp enables managers to precisely account for working hours of their graffiti removal teams and drive productivity improvements.


  • Built-in camera provides photographic evidence of before and after cleaning
  • Support for pre-defined routes (call lists) and on-demand stops
  • Support for calculating surface area and recording multiple structure types and surface materials
  • Stop-by-stop tracking of cleaning time required and consumables used
  • Support for cataloging graffiti artist works over time with photographic evidence of works and tags, with the ability to add new artists as they appear
  • Electronic signature capture for customer acknowledgement that cleaning took place
  • Time-stamping and geo-location stamping combined with photos to provide irrefutable evidence of service provision
  • Allows drivers or technicians creating new work orders directly from the GraffitiApp without requesting assignment to be dispatched from the back office so the drivers or technicians can act proactively
  • In-application messaging with dispatchers or supervisors
  • Support for pre-defined technician activities: break, meal, waiting, yard work, refueling, etc.
  • Virtual keyboard provided for note-taking and messaging


  • Cleaning routes are dispatched automatically to all vehicles, saving on paper and the need for coordination
  • Route status is updated in real-time in web-based applications, providing an at-a-glance view of route progress, enabling dispatchers to manage customer expectations
  • On-demand stops can be dispatched on the fly to vehicles in the field, increasing service responsiveness
  • Before and after photographs, along with time stamps and geo-location stamps, provide irrefutable evidence of service provision
  • Database of graffiti artists and their works, and the effort and supplies required to clean each one of them, simplifies efforts to initiate legal proceedings
  • Captures multiple inputs required for service verification, accurate billing, and legal proceedings
  • Reduces paperwork by cleaners, dispatchers, and supervisors