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SweeperApp™ is FleetMind’s application for street sweeping that can be used in conjunction with the FleetLink Vision+ on-board computing solution. SweeperApp provides street sweeping organizations with an automated solution for managing and dispatching sweeper routes and reporting their progress.

SweeperApp receives sweeper routes dispatched from FleetLink Route System’s automated routing engine, then presents them for completion. Stops can be confirmed automatically based on the road brush being engaged (PTO) or manually by pushing the ‘Sweeping’ button.

SweeperApp workzones in FleetLink Route System

Work zone routes in FleetLink Route System

SweeperApp screen

SweeperApp “route mode”

As stops are confirmed by SweeperApp, route progress is updated online in real-time and viewable from the web-based FleetLink Map™ and FleetLink Reports™ back-office applications. Dispatchers and supervisors have immediate access to the information they need to be effective, whether it’s reporting on the progress of a street cleaning job to a concerned resident or dispatching work to a sweeper vehicle that is running ahead of schedule.

SweeperApp touring mode

SweeperApp “touring mode”

With support for pre-defined driver activities such as break, meal, waiting, fill water tank, etc., SweeperApp enables street sweeping organizations to precisely account for working hours and drive productivity improvements.


  • Support for automatic confirmation (based on road brush (PTO) engaged) and manual confirmation (‘sweeping’ button is pushed)
  • Multiple districts can be serviced as multiple areas of a single route
  • Support for non-street locations (e.g., parking lots)
  • Support for ‘fill water tank’ activity as well as break, meal, refuelling, etc., activities
  • Support for ‘tour’ mode during sweeping activities, with map and main camera displayed on screen
  • Support for recurring assignments and on-demand stops during initial dispatch; on-demand stops can be added on the fly
  • Support for reporting user-definable exceptions
  • Turn by turn navigation gets sweeping vehicles faster and with less fuel consumption


  • Automation of stop confirmations reduces interactions required by drivers to indicate route progress
  • Time and location-stamping of sweeping activities and pictures provide irrefutable evidence of service provision helps to eliminate unnecessary service calls and trips
  • With the 360-degree view around the truck, drivers can capture all activities to ensure maximum security for workers and residents
  • Reduces paperwork by drivers, dispatchers, and supervisors


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