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WasteApp™ is FleetMind’s application for service verification. When used in conjunction with the FleetLink Vision+ on-board computing solution and onboard cameras, or the FleetLink Mobile Lite ruggedized tablet, WasteApp provides solid waste haulers with an automated solution for service provision, documentation, and, ultimately, billing.

WasteApp receives routes dispatched from FleetLink Route System’s automated routing engine, then presents them for completion based on either route sequence or proximity to addresses based on GPS-based geolocation. At each stop, WasteApp can confirm a pick-up took place—the heart of service verification—based on signals received from lift arms, RFID scanners, and/or scales. Records of stops are enhanced with timestamps, geo-location stamps (lat/long coordinates), and photographic evidence, which is particularly useful when recording exceptions.

As stops are confirmed by WasteApp, their status is updated online in real-time and viewable from the web-based FleetLink Map and FleetLink Reports back-office applications. Dispatchers and supervisors have immediate access to the information required to manage customer expectations, whether it’s an on-demand stop or a complaint about missed service.

With support for pre-defined driver activities such as break, meal, waiting, yard work, refuelling, etc., WasteApp enables solid waste haulers to precisely account for working hours and to drive productivity improvements. With support for turn-by-turn navigation and route completion based on proximity, WasteApp helps reduce driving times and fuel consumption.

WasteApp supports residential, commercial, and roll-off workflows.


WasteApp offers a number of powerful features that drive enhanced fleet productivity and operational excellence. They include:

  • Support for pre-defined routes (call lists) and on-demand stops
  • Support for sequential routes and bins by proximity
  • Turn-by-turn navigation instructions
  • Pre- and post-trip inspections
  • Support for pre-defined driver activities: break, meal, waiting, yard work, refueling, etc.
  • Support for disposal activities with configurable landfilled sites
  • Support for on-board cameras with ability to display camera views in full-screen (e.g., reverse camera) or split screen
  • Ability to take pictures of bins and their contents
  • Continuous video recording, with remote access to the video archive
  • In-application messaging with dispatchers or supervisors
  • Automatic confirmation of cart/bin pickups based on RFID scans, lifts, or scales; manual confirmation of stops is also available
  • Support for RFID cart/bin scanning
  • Integration with variety of onboard scales to capture weights for each lift
  • Support for user-definable list of exceptions
  • Touch-based interface leverages touchscreen display; virtual keyboard provided for messaging and note-taking
  • Ability to capture extra services provided as part of the work on a stop
  • Ability to capture non customer-correlated work or work completed outside of the assigned route
  • Support for CAN Bus connectivity and automated transfer of telemetry and engine control module (ECM) data to the back-office
  • Support for automated driver behavior analysis based on telemetry data and road attributes.
  • Support for automatic incident events detection based on 3D acceleration sensors and vehicle speed


  • Automation of stop confirmations reduces missed recordings of stops and reduces the number of interactions required from drivers to indicate their progress on the route, enabling them to focus on their primary work and be more efficient
  • Time and location-stamping of stops and pictures provide irrefutable evidence of service provision, helping to eliminate unnecessary service calls and trips
  • With the 360-degree view around the truck, drivers can capture all activities to ensure maximum security for workers and residents
  • Clear visibility of weight of collected materials and disposal costs for each disposal activity and service location
  • Sequenced routes allow drivers to follow routes based on pre-defined most efficient sequences
  • Captures multiple inputs required for service verification and accurate billing
  • Reduces paperwork by drivers, dispatchers, and supervisors

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