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FleetLink Back-office

FleetLink back-office products work with FleetLink Mobile hardware products to improve operations, increase profitability, provide complete fleet visibility, and help ensure a problem-free customer experience. They include solutions for managing communications, interfacing to 3rd party software, analyzing data, managing and optimizing routes, tracking individual trucks, and much, much more.


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  • Significantly reduce resource requirements
  • Lower communications costs
  • Ensure integrated activity management
  • View servicing problems in real-time to improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve maintenance and safety initiatives


  • FleetLink Map back-office application

    FleetLink Map

    Map-based tracking and route analysis for a real-time view into your entire fleet’s operations.

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  • FleetLink Route System back-office application

    FleetLink Route System

    Web-based solution for end-to-end route management.

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  • FleetLink Reports

    FleetLink Reports

    Web-based fleet management dashboard for accurate operations and performance statistics.

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  • FleetLink Safety Dashboard

    FleetLink Safety Dashboard

    Web-based fleet management dashboard for fleet safety views and camera DVR recordings.

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  • FleetLink Web Services

    FleetLink Web Services

    Data services for 3rd party consumption.

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  • Safe Fleet SmartConnect

    Microsoft Dynamics Integration for Waste & Recycling Management

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