FleetLink Enterprise Reports

FleetLink Enterprise Reports (FER) is a web portal that provides operations and performance statistics by tracking your company’s most important key productivity indicators. You gain total visibility into all information at a macro company level right down to the individual driver level. FER is accessible using common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.


With FER you can generate the following reports:

  • Driver activity
  • Driver Performance
  • Driver Scoring
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Fleet Performance
  • Vehicle Alarms
  • Fuel Tax
  • Vehicle usage


  • Identify and solve problems faster
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Meet your goals
  • Make better informed decisions
  • Align your organization
  • Refer back to service logs for up to a month prior
  • Know vehicles’ status and anticipate maintenance
  • Spot costly and unsafe driver maneuvers
  • Spot service anomalies over time