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FleetLink Map

FleetLink Map delivers real-time and historical views into your fleet, driver, and collection services activity. You gain an intuitive back-office view into what’s going on for each route, truck and driver.

FleetLink Map fleet overview

With FleetLink Map you can track:

  • Vehicle activity and alarms
  • Route progress
  • Speed limits
  • Alarms and incidents
  • Vehicle stops
  • Driver activities
  • Driver notes and photos


  • Know how your vehicles are being handled
  • Identify non-productive time in seconds
  • Determine which drivers generated alarms and where
  • Plot locations of alarm occurrences
  • Respond quickly to any customer service issues
  • Access all your fleet’s activities by divisions
  • Supervise real-time route progress
  • Check overall route completion status
  • Replay selected vehicles’ activities
  • View individual bin status
FleetLink Map vehicle activity replay
FleetLink Map route status overview
FleetLink Map vehicle view

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