FleetLink Safety Dashboard

FleetLink Safety Dashboard (FSD) is a web portal that provides live video feed, archived video and picture views into your fleet, driver and collection services activity. You benefit from an intuitive back-office view into what’s going on for each route, truck and driver, taking advantage of DVR functionalities. FSD is also fully integrated with FleetLink Track and FleetLink Enterprise Reports. FSD is accessible using common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.


With FSD you can track:

  • Incidents
  • Alarms
  • Driver Scoring
  • Video streaming and playback

With FSD you can generate the following safety reports:

  • Alarm Summary
  • Incident Summary
  • Drivers Behavior Summary
  • Coaching Reports


  • Spot costly and unsafe driver maneuvers
  • Know how your vehicles are being handled
  • Plot location of alarm occurrences
  • Access supervisor, driver, sensor and server recorded incidents
  • Determine which drivers generated alarms and where
  • Replay selected vehicles, surroundings and driver’s activities