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FleetLink Camera Systems

FleetMind camera systems provide unprecedented insights into and all around your vehicles. Integrated with FleetLink Mobile DVR digital video recorder, or the FleetLink Vision and FleetLink Vision+ on-board computing systems, FleetLink camera systems make taking pictures and capturing real-time video footage literally at your fingertips.

FleetLink mobile display with one camera feed
FleetLink display with multiple cameras showing
FleetLink camera systems

FleetLink camera systems:

  • Capture video of all internal and external activities from all angles.
  • Identify any driver-related safety issues for rapid remediation.
  • Capture evidence for accident and dispute resolution.
  • Eliminate blind spot areas for a complete round-the-truck view
Safety and Operation Cameras

Up to 8 cameras can be installed on a truck to meet your unique requirements and objectives. The pictures and video recordings provide a more comprehensive view of incidents and service data, which are automatically recorded by our in-cab smart display.


Improve driving with FleetLink camera systems that capture various driving situations.

  • Monitoring real-time driving habits
  • Capturing footage of day-to-day driving and incidents for individual coaching
  • Collecting evidence to exonerate drivers in the event of an accident
FleetLink camera systems support up to 8 cameras
Trip Monitor play video


Improve cart/container management with our Operation Cameras that track specific tasks such as:

  • Tracking bins
  • Monitoring the lift’s safe use
  • Recording contamination status
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