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FleetLink Vision / Vision+

FleetLink Vision and FleetLink Vision+ are on-board computing (OBC) solutions designed for tough environments and more discerning requirements.

FleetLink VisionWith FleetLink Vision™ and FleetLink Vision+, solid waste collection organizations have 360-degree visibility of their fleets and the progress of their operations in real-time. When combined with the FleetLink™ suite of applications, FleetLink Vision provides a unified platform for evidence-based tracking of all events in and around each vehicle, generating the data that solid waste haulers need for service verification, customer service, safety coaching, and accident investigation. The FleetLink suite of applications also offers interfaces to 3rd party dispatch, billing, route optimization, maintenance, and other applications.

FleetLink Vision

  • GPS-based Automated Vehicle Location
  • FleetLink Map™ vehicle tracking with breadcrumb trails
  • Digital video recording and on-demand streaming
  • FleetLink Safety Dashboard for coaching and incident playback
  • Telemetry data and alarms

FleetLink Vision+


Waste haulers benefit from:

  • Excellence in service delivery with timely and accurate service verification
  • Increased worker productivity of up to 30 minutes per worker per day
  • Enhanced route productivity and fleet profitability with lower maintenance costs and better revenue capture
  • Improved customer satisfaction with timely resolution of customer service delivery inquiries
  • Increased fleet safety with complete visibility into vehicle and driver behavior
  • Greener, more sustainable operations through reduced fuel consumption


  • On-Board Computer Platform with integrated 8-channel DVR
  • Built for harsh environments with broad operating temperature range
  • Ability to pair with a 10.4” touch monitor or drive an existing display and keyboard
  • ECM connectivity for real-time telemetry
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G wireless connectivity
  • Multiple generic I/O ports
  • Comprehensive alarm monitoring and event recording capabilities
  • Ability to capture snapshots, video snippets and continuous recording from up to 8 truck-mounted cameras including analog, IP wired or wireless
  • Ready for route management software and service verification
  • Ready for real-time vehicle diagnostics including remote access
  • Ready for chassis, body, fork or tipper scale integration
  • Ready for lane departure detection warning system
  • Ready for frontal collision avoidance system
  • Ready for pedestrian detection system
  • Central command center for automated software deployment and configuration
  • Comprehensive back-end route management and dispatch platform
  • Extensive operational reports, dashboards, and web-based geomatics platform
  • Integration with RFID reader and lift sensors

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