Latest COVID19 Updates

Safety & Health

A big salute to our waste and recycling industry for braving this virus to helping keep our communities safe and clean! Waste & recycling management industry is an essential public service, with helping prevent the spread of disease and illness.  FleetMind is committed to providing customers with the latest safety & health updates.  Continue to check back for new resources to help your team.

Important Customer Resources

Keep your front line workers safe with the help of Smart Truck Safety System Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines

Leverage technology for enhanced safety standards and saving cost

5 Advantages to Essential On-Board Smart Systems

Quantifying the ROI of Fleet Management Solutions


Doing our part:

  • Training and education – Our team has been preparing and taking necessary steps to train and educate customers on how to effectively improve operations with the use of remote management tools
  • Real-time, actionable data-driven information – Offering customers critical information on the importance of safety for workers and residents with the use of real-time tools
  • Social Distancing – Our staff has been practicing social distancing by working remotely without jeopardizing customer service
  • Coming soon!  Continue to check back with us as we will be offering virtual assistance.  You will be able to talk to our team through video!

We value your questions, ideas, and feedback; and appreciate your ongoing support and efforts to help protect our communities during these difficult times.