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Going Green by Getting Smart

Incorporating on-board computers and smart trucks is helping more and more waste fleets go green

There is a growing trend among waste fleets that mirrors many other industries – going green. This practice is not only good for an organization’s image, but also good for its bottom line.

Green fleets are focused on reducing fuel consumption, mileage and exhaust emissions, and on driving more safely and efficiently. If your fleet is not managed effectively, you can generate not only unnecessary emissions, but also excess costs to negatively impact your bottom-line. On-board computers (OBCs) and smart truck systems provide the tools to support leaner and greener fleets by improving fuel consumption, reducing overall mileage and monitoring driver behavior.

In a recent South African study, a statistical comparison of the baseline vehicles with smart trucks shows the fuel usage per tonne of payload, measured from January 2008 to September 2013, reduced by 14 percent. This equates to 14 percent less CO² emissions. The most up-to-date data (2008-14) show the baseline vehicles to have 2.53 accidents per million kilometers travelled compared to the smart trucks’ 1.53 accidents.

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