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Making the Case for a Smart Fleet Management System

How to Champion Sustainable Change in Your Waste Management Organization

Waste collection fleet managers face increasing pressures to deliver collection services that are more efficient, responsive, environmentally-friendly and safe. To do so, trucks need to be smarter by integrating technology to collect and communicate important data regarding routes, drivers, customers and vehicle systems for a completely transparent fleet operation. As a result, the industry is seeing a sharp rise in demand for “smart” fleets.

The first step toward operating a smart fleet is identifying the need for one. That’s easy. We all know that new fleet management technologies can make our fleets smarter, greener, safer and more productive.

The second, and much more difficult, step is making the case to senior managers for the purchase of a smart fleet management system as this has budget implications.

The third step is to show a sensible path toward implementing a smart fleet management technology system across a waste management organization’s fleet and back-office operations. Running a smart fleet is a business process change. And these changes do not come either easily or overnight.

This white paper will help fleet managers articulate the case for a smart fleet management system and the strategy for its successful implementation and adoption.

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