FleetMind Services cover installation, driver training, business consulting, project management and much more! We know that every customer has unique requirements and objectives. Our various services and training programs will help ensure that each deployment is successful from getting the system installed to getting your team to use it effectively!

Our Services include:

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    Installation Services

    FleetMind installation services are provided by qualified installers and supervised by FleetMind certified system deployment professionals.

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    Training Services

    We understand that that technology aptitudes may vary, and therefore tailor our training to individuals’ needs and competencies. FleetMind training services also include coaching by the trainer while on site and continues remotely as long as our customers need it.

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    Business Consulting Services

    FleetMind provides customized professional services to optimize system deployments and integration, and to support any related internal change management initiatives.

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For detailed information on our Services programs, please contact: