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Training Services

We understand that that technology aptitudes may vary, and therefore tailor our training to individuals’ needs and competencies. FleetMind training services also include coaching by the trainer while on site and continues remotely as long as our customers need it.

FleetMind’s Training Services team has developed a number of training modules, based on adult learning needs, in support of its FleetLink suite of applications.

Training modules

1. FleetLink Mobile Driver Training

This training program is targeted at drivers, supervisors, and dispatch staff (if required). For drivers, it covers the use of WasteApp for service provision and service verification and how to use it for maximum benefit. Courses reflect the line of business (e.g., residential, commercial, and roll-off) for each driver so that they learn only the elements that are particular to their needs. Detailed course documentation and Quick Reference cards are provided for ongoing reference.

Training includes a simulated environment to allow for the dynamic demonstration of the different interactions that drivers should expect with their new onboard computing equipment. Detailed course documentation and Quick Reference Cards are provided for ongoing reference.

driver training

2. FleetLink Route System & Reporting Training

This course is designed to teach route managers and dispatchers how to use the FleetLink Route System to improve daily dispatch operations and covers the following:

  • Overview of FleetLink Route System
  • Review of route reference data
  • Creation and assignment routes to trucks
  • Creation of temporary routes to handle statutory holidays, route transfers between trucks, etc.
  • Close of routes at the end of day
  • Dispatching of residential, commercial and roll off assignments
  • Creation of on-demand assignments for residential, commercial and roll off
  • Use of different status options provided by FleetLink Route System
  • Creation and management of geozones
  • Use of the export/import function

The FleetLink Route System reports and FleetLink Map reports will also be presented to dispatchers with an emphasis on the report panels they require for daily monitoring activities and real-time tracking of vehicles.

3. FleetLink System Overview and Reporting Features Training

This course teaches participants how to use FleetLink Reports for historical reports as well as FleetLink Map’s real-time, map-based reporting tool. This course targets all customer-centric staff that monitor daily fleet operations and medium/long-term fleet performance key performance indicators (KPIs).

The use of actual fleet data and its live interpretation by class participants is a powerful learning enabler. Participants will quickly understand how the tools that are being presented can be used as part of their daily tasks. The format of the course is demonstrative and user guides are provided as part of the deployment project for easy reference.

4. Installation & Troubleshooting Training

The objective of this training is to enable fleet maintenance professionals to understand the role of each hardware component of the FleetLink Mobile system and how to install it. Participants will have to perform at least one full installation of a FleetLink Mobile system under the supervision of the FleetMind trainer at their on-site maintenance facilities.