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FleetMind offers a suite of hardware and software solutions that enable solid waste management organizations to track and capture data required for service verification, customer service, safety coaching, and incident investigation.

By combining onboard computing solutions with the FleetLink™ suite of applications, FleetMind provides a unified platform for evidence-based tracking of all events that matter to a solid waste management organization.

FleetMind solutions include:

The FleetLink suite of applications also offers interfaces to 3rd party applications such as work orders, billing, route optimization, maintenance, and other applications.


There are multiple benefits to deploying FleetMind’s FleetLink™ suite of fleet management and fleet automation solutions across solid waste management fleets. They include:

Excellence in service delivery

FleetLink solutions drive excellence in the provision of waste hauling and recycling services by automating all aspects of route dispatching and re-assignment, providing real-time tracking of all field activities, reinforcing desirable working behaviours, and recording all billable activities.

  • Routes are dispatched electronically to onboard computers or handheld devices, ensuring that drivers have access to the most accurate, up-to-date routes, including holiday schedules
  • Dispatchers have real-time visibility of route progress and driver status and can re-assign routes completely or partially during the day based on driver availability or location
  • Pick-ups are confirmed automatically with complete contextual information including details about the customer, materials collected, geographic location, time stamps, photo, and video evidence
  • Requests for non-recurring or on-demand pick-ups can be captured and scheduled electronically and dispatched to the most appropriate driver (based on location or route progress); driver status is viewable in real-time by the dispatcher and customer service representatives to address customer enquiries in a satisfactory way
  • Photographic proof of service performance—including recording exceptions such as contamination—helps to quickly resolve customer disputes

Increased worker productivity

FleetLink solutions significantly increase the productivity of all workers involved in the delivery of and accounting for waste haulage and recycling services. Previously manual processes, and opportunities for error or loss of critical information, are replaced by automated systems for capturing and disseminating information, such as routes and on-demand pickups, and recording all activities and events related to service delivery. Front line personnel such as dispatchers or customer service representatives are freed up to interact with constituents and ensure their prompt satisfaction.

  • Drivers always have immediate access to the most up-to-date routes and schedules
  • Dispatchers have real-time visibility of all vehicles on the road, the status of drivers, the completion status of routes, and overall fleet performance
  • Driver shifts, activities, and changes in status are recorded and communicated automatically
  • Driver behaviour while operating vehicles is recorded and exceptions are flagged immediately, with notifications provided to the Operations Manager, the Safety Manager, or other personnel
  • Route completion reports, trend reports, and event reports support ad hoc and ongoing driver coaching

Enhanced fleet profitability

FleetLink solutions drive top-line growth in fleet revenues, as well as significant reductions in operating expenses, resulting in overall improvements to fleet profitability. Organizations can feel confident about taking on additional routes and expanding their service areas while operating fleets more efficiently than ever before. Based on FleetMind’s experience, fleets can save up to 30 minutes per truck per day.

  • Automated tracking of route progress and driver status, enabling quick assignment of incomplete routes or on-demand pickups
  • Automatic and accurate tracking of billable events such as non-recurring or on-demand pick-ups (with complete contextual information including details about the customer, materials, geographic location, time stamps, photo, and video evidence)
  • Higher worker productivity, due to improved driver behaviours resulting from the monitoring of working hours and vehicle usage, enabling the addition of new routes and expanded service areas
  • Reduced operating expenses due to:
    • Reduced idling, resulting in lower fuel usage per route and lower fuel costs per vehicle mile
    • Fewer accidents, due to improved driver behaviours (less speeding, less sudden braking) resulting from the monitoring of vehicle usage and driver behaviour
    • Optimized routes, which require less driving to complete, and thus save on fuel costs
    • Optimized dispatching of unscheduled pick-ups to the closest driver, which require less driving to complete, and thus save on fuel costs
  • Quick resolution of customer service enquiries reduce interactions with dispatching and customer service representatives, enabling them to focus on more pressing matters
  • Automatically captured weights and disposal costs help to make accurate corrections to service rates

Improved customer satisfaction

FleetLink solutions contribute to the ongoing satisfaction of customers (aka constituents) by ensuring that waste removal is performed according to service level commitments, by addressing requests for missed service or for extras promptly, and by providing information about current route progress and actual vehicle location to manage customer expectations.

  • Routes are completed quicker and more reliably thanks to automatically dispatched routes and monitoring of driver behavior
  • Missed stops and on-demand collection requests are easily recorded
  • Customer case management systems allow dispatchers and customer service representatives to accurately capture all requests and monitor the progress of each case
  • Real-time fleet tracking enables predicted service time based on current vehicle location and route progress
  • End customers’ requests are addressed promptly, leading to peace of mind and enhanced satisfaction toward their municipality

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