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Customer service

Combining WasteApp™, FleetMind’s application for service verification, with the FleetLink Vision+™ on-board computing solution, and FleetLink Map™, which provides a real-time view of the progress of routes and individual stops, FleetMind has developed a complete solution that enables customer service representatives and dispatchers to resolve complaints promptly, avoid costly go-backs, and deliver superior customer service.

Thanks to WasteApp, which drivers use to log every stop on their routes, route progress is updated and displayed in real-time on an intuitive, color-coded map, enabling customer service representatives and dispatchers to view route progress at a glance. WasteApp enables drivers to record “not-outs”, time-stamp them, and even capture photographic evidence. Complete records of every not-out are available from FleetLink Map with a few clicks of a mouse, supporting prompt resolution of customer inquiries or complaints.

Real-time route progress views in FleetLink Map support customer service excellence.

With the customer case management provided by the FleetLink Route System™, a customer service representative can record the customer complaints and track the resolution progress. Again using FleetLink Route System™, on-demand stops can be quickly dispatched to the nearest driver, or the driver that is closest to finishing his or her route. Combined with in-application messaging and dispatching, phone tag becomes a thing of the past.

WasteApp’s turn-by-turn navigation gets drivers to the scene as efficiently as possible. With real-time fleet vehicle tracking in FleetLink Map, it’s simple to provide customers with expected pick-up times.

Key solution components


  • Missed stops and on-demand collection requests are easily recorded and monitored
  • Pick-ups are confirmed automatically with complete contextual information including details about the customer, materials collected, geographic location, time stamps, photo, and video evidence
  • Residents’ requests are addressed promptly, leading to peace of mind and enhanced satisfaction toward the municipality
  • Requests for non-recurring or on-demand pick-ups can be captured and scheduled electronically and dispatched to the most appropriate driver (based on location or route progress)
  • Photographic proof of service performance—including recording exceptions such as contamination—helps to quickly resolve customer disputes
  • Real-time fleet tracking enables accurate predictions of service delivery times 
  • Quick resolution of customer service enquiries reduces interactions with dispatchers and customer service representatives, enabling them to focus on more pressing matters