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Incident resolution

The versatile FleetLink Vision+™ on-board computing solution and the dedicated FleetLink Mobile DVR digital video recorder solution both provide safety managers and accident investigators with the irrefutable evidence that they require for prompt incident resolution.

With support for up to 8 cameras inside and around the vehicle and integration with a host of sensors, including GPS and the engine control module (ECM), FleetLink Vision+ automatically records all meaningful safety events. Vehicle telemetry data such as harsh braking trigger the recording of snippets of video in the seconds leading up to and after the incident. (In the case of FleetLink Mobile DVR, video snippets must be recovered manually from the memory card in each affected vehicle. Video is stored locally for up to 6-8 days, depending upon the installed memory capacity and the number of cameras.)

Incident resolution is supported by camera views around the vehicle

Incident resolution is supported by camera views around the vehicle

When an accident occurs or a GPS or ECM-based alarm such as speeding or harsh braking is triggered, FleetLink Vision+ immediately uploads a snippet of the video to FleetLink Safety Dashboard™, a secure web-based application that enables access from anywhere, where it can be viewed by a supervisor or safety manager. This video provides the context necessary to better understand and interpret events. Accident investigators can select from any or all of the recorded video feeds that were captured during the incident. The map view from within FleetLink Safety Dashboard displays the vehicle’s exact position when the incident occurred. Additional information such as speed is also displayed.

Using FleetLink Map™, accident investigators and safety managers can play back driver itineraries at any point in the day to understand the circumstances leading up to and including an accident. FleetLink Map enables playback of complete vehicle itineraries using a breadcrumb-based approach to show all of the vehicle’s activities that day prior to the accident. Clicking a breadcrumb brings up the vehicle’s location, time of day, and speed.  Access to such data enables accident investigators and safety managers to understand the real-world behaviors of drivers and to address them with irrefutable evidence.

Key solution components


  • Understanding the circumstances leading up to and including an accident provides opportunity for clear and immediate incident resolution
  • Irrefutable evidence, including video, of real-world actions enables accident investigators and safety officers to focus on the critical elements of the incident
  • Multiple camera views enable complete visibility of the vehicle and its immediate environment, resulting in more accurate understanding of how and why an accident occurred
  • Capture of GPS and ECM data prior to, during and after the accident provides additional proof of driver behavior
  • The ability to replay complete vehicle itineraries provides important context for interpreting events, including driver innocence