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Revenue capture

A powerful solution for service verification in its own right, the FleetLink suite of on-board computing solutions and back-office applications also promotes significant improvements to revenue capture. Thanks to FleetLink, there is no longer any excuse—driver forgot to note it, driver lost the paperwork, bookkeeping forgot to bill it—for leaving revenue on the table.

Effective revenue capture—and thus revenue recognition—starts with WasteApp™, the mobile application for service verification. Using WasteApp, drivers can automatically confirm stops on the basis of lift, scale and/or RFID scan, combined with GPS tracking to associate one or more bins with a residence. Drivers also use WasteApp to confirm additional pick-up details such as extras or contaminated waste. Data from WasteApp is automatically uploaded to the Internet and made available to the FleetLink back-office applications.

WasteApp support for exceptions supports revenue capture efforts

WasteApp support for exceptions supports revenue capture efforts

FleetLink Route System’s case management feature ensures that customer requests for on-demand pickups are captured and dispatched to drivers.

With a variety of billing reports on tap, FleetLink Reports™ enables operations managers and bookkeepers to quickly access reports of all billable activities, including service charges and no-service charges.

With integration with a variety of third-party billing applications, such as Soft-Pak and Microsoft Dynamics, FleetLink automatically provides the inputs—and the evidence (time stamps, location stamps, photography) of service provision—enabling solid waste haulers to bill for all revenue-generating activities with confidence.

In addition to significant reductions in operating expenses due to enhanced driver productivity and lower fuel consumption, the FleetLink solution drives top-line growth in fleet revenues as well, resulting in overall improvements to fleet profitability.

Key solution components


  • Automatic capture and accurate tracking of billable events such as non-recurring or on-demand pick-ups (with complete contextual information including details about the customer, materials, geographic location, time stamps, and photo evidence)
  • Customer case management systems allow dispatchers and customer service representatives to accurately capture and dispatch all requests for billable activities
  • Integration with 3rd-party billing engines ensures that billable activities are automatically recorded for billing purposes

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