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Route productivity

FleetMind has developed the leading solution for driving route productivity across solid waste management fleets.

Combining WasteApp™, FleetMind’s application for service verification and recording of driver activities, with FleetLink Vision+, the on-board computing solution that integrates GPS-based location tracking, mobile connectivity, engine control module (ECM) data, and support for multiple cameras, and the FleetLink suite of back-office applications, provides a complete solution for increasing the performance of both assets and workers.

Using WasteApp, drivers log—automatically or manually—every stop on the route. Completed stops are time-stamped and geo-located for accurate record keeping. Route progress is updated and made available in real-time to dispatchers and supervisors, displayed on an intuitive color-coded map as well as in reports. Supervisors have quick access to the information needed to determine whether a given vehicle crew will finish on time, needs help from others, or can be given additional stops. Combined with in-application messaging and dispatching, phone tag becomes a thing of the past.

Route productivity dashboard in FleetLink Reports

Route productivity dashboard in FleetLink Reports

WasteApp’s turn by turn navigation gets drivers to their routes, and through their routes, as efficiently as possible. Using the same application, drivers and helpers enter activities such as breaks, meals, customer stops, waiting time, yard work, refuelling, and more.

With access to GPS-based location of vehicles at any given time, and the ability to see remotely how vehicles are being used via the engine control module (see unnecessary idling) and video recordings from cameras in the cab and around the vehicle, supervisors can observe driver behaviors first-hand and recommend lasting improvements going forward. In fact, it’s not uncommon for fleet owners that rely upon FleetLink-powered solutions to slash as much as 30 minutes per route per day (source). Now that’s route productivity!

Key solution components


  • Drivers always have immediate access to the most up-to-date routes and schedules 
  • Dispatchers and supervisors have real-time visibility of all vehicles on the road, the status of drivers, the completion status of routes, and overall fleet performance
  • Automated tracking of route progress and driver status, enabling quick assignment of incomplete routes or on-demand pickups
  • Driver shifts, activities, and changes in status are recorded and communicated automatically
  • Driver behaviour while operating vehicles is recorded and exceptions are flagged immediately, with notifications provided to the Supervisor, the Safety Manager, or other personnel
  • Optimized dispatching of unscheduled pick-ups to the closest driver, which require less driving to complete, and thus save on fuel costs
  • Higher worker productivity, due to improved driver behaviours resulting from monitoring of working hours and vehicle usage, enabling the addition of new routes and expanded service areas

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