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Service verification

FleetMind has developed the leading service verification solution for solid waste management fleets. Combining WasteApp™, FleetMind’s application for service verification, with FleetLink Vision+, the on-board computing solution with camera support, and the FleetLink suite of back-office applications, provides a complete solution for service verification. One that accurately captures all revenue-generating field activities, providing the detailed evidence necessary for billing with confidence.

When the vehicle equipped with FleetLink Vision+ makes a scheduled stop, WasteApp confirms the pick-up took place based on signals received from lift arms, scales, or RFID scanners (optional), or a combination of the three. (Where deployed, RFID tags are matched with the database to uniquely identify deployed carts/bins.) Stop records are enhanced with GPS-based time and location stamps for irrefutable evidence. Leveraging the cameras on board the vehicle, the driver can take a picture of the cart or bin, or the empty space where a cart/bin should be, associating it with that stop record.

WasteApp providing service verification on FleetLink Mobile Lite tablet

Stop records and photographic evidence are immediately uploaded to the FleetLink suite of back-office applications, where applications such as FleetLink Map can display the progress of routes and the status of individual carts/bins on a map using different colored icons for easy reference. FleetLink Reports enables supervisors and bookkeepers to view route progress and activities in tabular form. These records can be exported as files or integrated with back-office billing or ERP systems.

With immediate access to stop records and imagery, customer service representatives, dispatchers, or supervisors have the information and evidence they need to respond to customer inquiries, whether it’s an overflowing bin they were charged for or a complaint about missed service.

Key solution components


  • Routes are dispatched electronically, ensuring that drivers have access to the most accurate, up-to-date routes, including holiday schedules
  • Routes can be updated at any moment during the day by adding or removing stops, or even cancelling entire route
  • Pick-ups are confirmed automatically with complete contextual information including details about the customer, materials collected, geographic location, time stamps, photo, and video evidence
  • Requests for non-recurring or on-demand pick-ups can be captured and scheduled electronically and dispatched to the most appropriate driver (based on location or route progress)
  • Driver status is viewable in real time by the dispatcher and customer service representatives to address customer enquiries in a satisfactory way
  • Photographic proof of service performance—including recording exceptions such as contamination and not-outs—helps to quickly resolve customer disputes
  • Automatic and accurate tracking of all billable activities such as non-recurring or on-demand stops

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